Anita.....not just a personal trainer. Not just clued up in nutrition. A total transformation specialist whether your needs are in the gym or to talk to YOUR team, this presenter, writer and motivator may be just what you need to make a REAL change!
Unlike other personal trainers, Anita is a natural motivator, actress, public speaker, presenter, nutritional therapist and a Sports Conditioning Instructor. She is not just an advanced personal trainer but also is an expert in many other things from makeup application, choreography for bodybuilders, posing for fitness and figure competitors to holding a double-major degree in Philosophy and Education. Anita is also a fitness and health writer, an MP Muscle Model Pro, a champion NATURAL drug-free-for-life bodybuilder, figure and fitness champion and one of the most sought after, dedicated, motivating and top personal trainers in the UK as well as futher afield! Her methods, programs and techniques have changed the lives of THOUSANDS of people and her skills and her ability to transform people's lives inside and out is highly sought after. Once upon a time very 'lost' herself, ill and overweight, Anita transformed her own body and her life both physically and mentally and now takes her incredible credentials and personal experience to transform the lives of others.

Anita has been seen on 'Ideal World' selling fitness equipment, she operates her own private personal training studio with her clients (and has had a rolling waiting list for over 4.5 years!) and she has written many articles in health, fitness and lifestyle for various publications and blogs including features for Yahoo! Lifestyle's 'Health and Fitness' Section!

"Here is a short clip about me going from FAT TO FIT!"

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Anita was born and bred in New Zealand - a true Kiwi girl with 'no B.S.' attitude, down-to-earth and incredibly easy to talk to but also very straight talking. She runs her own very successful and private Personal Training Studio called 'A.P.T.' in Warley, Brentwood where she does 1-1 Personal Training, Nutrition, stage coaching and choreography and teaches Metafit classes with her husband Martyn.

A.P.T. is also the sanctuary for many budding boxing enthusiasts who visit Martyn for intensive 1-1 boxing training sessions. Martyn is an incredibly successful business mentor and ex-boxer having fought over 120 fights in his time. Martyn is a fantastic boxing coach, does boxing for fitness or can also prepare YOU for your first fight. He helped Anita with her first fight for charity, held at the Emirates Stadium in 2011!

Martyn Ward...A.P.T.'s boxing trainer and Business Mentor:

                                       Photograph: Simon Howard of snhfoto

My husband Martyn and I also enjoy making a difference with our own unregistered charity 'X22' - a charity where we enjoy helping others in need anonymously doing something on the 22nd of every month to benefit others.  I have many presenting and acting credits to my name and boast over 20 years experience in the media/modelling industry, so should you need someone with my skills and attributes and for ALL TV, interview and media enquiries please contact my agent SONDER TALENT: 020 8191 7144 or email

Yours in health, fitness and happiness,
Anita Albrecht. :-)


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